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Waikiki Beach - Panorama - Diamond Head Crater - Image 219

Amelia Earhart - Aviator - Memorial Plaque and Stone Monument at Diamond Head Crater Lookout - Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii - Image 472

Amelia Earhart - Aviator - Memorial Plaque and Stone Monument at Diamond Head Lookout - Image 471

Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii - Skyline - Image 457

Diamond Head Crater, Lēʻahi - Image 428

Honolulu - Ala Moana Beach Park - Waikiki - Diamond Head Crater - Image 395

Lēʻahi - Diamond Head Crater - Honolulu, Hawaii - Image 384

Queen Kapiolani Park in 360 Degree - Image 358

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu in 360 Degree - Image 355

Waikiki Honolulu Beach in 360 Degree - Image 350

Queen Kapiolani Park in 360 Degree - Image 349

Waikiki Beach in 360 Degree - Image 348

Diamond Head Crater & Surfing - Image 336

Alakai - Hawaii Super Ferry - Image 328

Alakai - Hawaii Super Ferry - Image 327

Diamond Head Lighthouse - Image 229

Diamond Head Lighthouse - Image 227

Diamond Head Crater - Image 198

Diamond Head Lighthouse - Image 161

Diamond Head Crater & Dillingham Fountain - Image 9

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Moon of Gold

safiyaparty 100

I AM MOON. Sometimes when I first show myself  I like to appear large and golden. It’s my way of greeting and bringing about special evenings. I like to be appreciated for my beauty and grace. The waters of Earth respond to my presence and we have a stable consistent agreement.

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Risen Water

clouds 024

I am the water of the sky. Many simply call me Cloud. Sometimes I am light and careful, other times I am worrisome and fearful. My friend Wind is always at my side. We have a close relationship and we are almost inseparable. He carries me throughout the world. Sometimes He is gentle with me but other times He can be rough and violent. He truly moves me and makes me what I am. My other friend Sun is also a constant companion. Sun will only visit Earth where I am not.


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The Tiny Isle


I am a very small island. I live alone with my two palm trees and bushes. The vast blue ocean surrounds me. Most days I bask in the sun from dawn to dusk. The wind is usually gentle and kind to me. Everyday she comes to visit me, caressing and giving me comfort on hot sun days.  People ask me what is my purpose and to this I reply “to be me”.

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